Current Hike Schedule

January through April 2020

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Key to Abbreviations

Easier / Harder Hikes - Comments

This is the  designation for the two levels of hikes we offer each hike day.  The Easier hike may be shorter, less rugged or less steep than the harder hike.  The Harder hike is often led at a faster pace with fewer stops.

The COMMENTS field contains additional information, such as if the hike was cancelled or changes in hike leader.

Hike Length and Rating

Length is  in miles,

Hike Level ranges from:

  •  Easy -  Suitable for the novice or inexperienced hiker in generally good physical condition. 

  • Moderate -  Suitable for the less experienced hiker but with greater demands for physical condition 

  • Strenuous -  Suitable for experienced hikers accustomed to longer distances, a faster pace and greater changes in elevation. 

Meeting Locations

Pisgah Ranger Station on Rt. 276, 1.6 miles N of Rt. 280.  Meet in back lot (first right as you enter from the south).

Fresh Market lot at junction of Spartanburg Hwy & Greenville Hwy in Hendersonville.  Meet at end of lot opposite Stein Mart.

BI-LO supermarket at junction of Rt. 64, Rt. 280 & Rt. 276 in Pisgah Forest.  Meet on side closest to Pizza Hut.

CVS at intersection of Rt. 280 & Rt. 191S in Mills River.  Meet at east end of lot near CVS drugstore.

Boylston Baptist Church on Rt. 280 between Mills River and Pisgah Forest.

Ingles at Rt. 64E & Howard Gap Road.  Meet at northwest end of lot closest to Rt. 64/Howard Gap intersection.

Southridge Shopping Center near Asheville airport. I-26 (exit 40) & Rt. 280. Turn left on second light past Clarion Inn onto McKenna Road.  First right into shopping center and park nearest McKenna Rd as far as possible from World Market. 

Hike Number and Name

This is the number assigned in our Hike Book.  Members receive a PDF copy of the book that contains directions to the trail head, description of the hike path and hike profile.

Hike Leader Name and Number

The phone number of the hike leader  is on the schedule.  Only the schedule published for Club Members contains hike leader names.

Suggested Ride Donation

Each person should share responsibility for transportation to the trailhead – either by driving or paying a Suggested Rider Donation (SRD). 

Included in each hike description within the hiking schedule is a SRD for the driver based on the distance driven. 

Hikers who share frequently may choose not to exchange funds. 

However, it is recommended that hikers who are passengers offer to help with fuel costs. 

This following is used as the guide:

ONE WAY – Driving Miles 

  • less than 8 miles   No Charge
  • 8 to 20 miles   $ 1.00
  • 20 to 35 miles   $ 2.00
  • 35 to 50 miles   $3.00
  • 50 +++miles   $4.00