About Us


Enjoy the beauty of four season hiking

Rhododendron and flame azaleas in the spring,  greenery year around, fall colors and winter views 

are what make our area so special.   

Western NC offers a wide variety of hikes that include mountain views, waterfalls and beautiful trails in the woods.   


Enjoy conversations with fellow hikers

One of the pleasures of hiking with High Country Hikers are the friendships we make as we walk on the trail.  Most of us are transplants to the area and we relish making new friends.  

Members are encouraged to participate in a variety of social events throughout the year ranging from a picnic, our spring dinner meeting, and our Holiday dinner.  


Challenge yourself

Get some good exercise while you enjoy the  beauty of the woods and interesting conversation with fellow hikers.   We encourage new hikers to start with the easiest hikes.  Often newcomers have not done much hiking in the mountains and are surprised by how difficult it can be.  

We offer a range of hike difficulties to accommodate most hikers 

About our Hikes


We hike on Mondays and Thursdays

We offer an Easier and a Harder Hike each day.  They often meet at different locations

Departing time

We leave the meeting area promptly at 8:30 AM.

It is suggested you arrive about 15 minutes before then.  

All hikers must read and sign the Hike Sheet.

Suggestions for First Time Hikers

  • If you are able to hike to the top of Big Glassy at Connemara without having to stop to rest, then you are probably fine to hike one of our hikes rated Easy or Easy/Moderate.
  • Please call the phone number of the hike leader listed on the schedule.  The leader can tell you more about the hike and the difficulty of the hike, and also of any changes.
  • If you wish to join the club, simply fill out our short REGISTRATION FORM and give $10 to the hike leader.  You will be added our email list and will receive an email  containing more club information.

Basics of hiking equipment you may need

  • Most important are your hiking shoes.  There are many good choices of lightweight but supportive  hiking shoes.  Do not wear running shoes or sandals.  We hike over rough terrain with many rocks and roots and shoes without good support can make you miserable.
  • Absorbent socks  are suggested.
  • Take a daypack or fanny pack
  • Bring one or two water bottles.  On a long strenuous hike you may need even more water.
  •  Bring a light rain jacket or lightweight poncho.  Summertime showers in the early afternoon are common in the mountains.
  • Many hikers use hiking poles.  They are great help in hiking over rough terrain.
  • Hats are a good idea for sun protection and in the rain.
  • Layer your clothing.  We often remove outer layers as we warm up and the day heats up.  It helps to be able to stuff unused clothing in your pack.
  • During Hunting Season (Roughly October through December), we suggest wearing a bright orange cap or vest while hiking.
  • Put a name tag on your pack.  This makes it easier for other hikers to learn your name.
  • Safety supplies - a whistle, a sheet with contact information and description of medical conditions, plus any special medications.
  • Optional items - sunscreen, insect repellant 

Hike etiquette

  • We typically carpool to the trailhead.  We try to keep the driver's car as clean as possible.
  • Bring your hiking shoes in a bag when you ride in the car.  When we get to the trailhead we change into our hiking shoes.
  • The hike leader will designate a hiker to be the sweep who will bring up the rear.
  • Hikers must stay between the leader and the sweep.
  • Keep the hiker in front of you in sight.  Blow you whistle if they become out of sight.  The group will stop and wait for you to catch up.
  • If there is a serious problem, blow your whistle three times.
  • Pack out what you packed in.
  • Be considerate of fellow hikers.  We have wonderful conversations but avoid certain subjects such as politics.
  • When we finish the hike, change into your street shoes and put your hiking shoes in the bag you brought.  On hot days, our shirts are often drenched.  It is good to have a dry T shirt to change into.
  • We have a suggested hike donation for the driver.  If you do not often drive, please offer to pay the driver. Many drivers will only accept donations ifthe drive is very long.
  • Have a great time!

Hiking Do Not's

  • Do not smoke while on the trail
  • Do not bring a dog or other pet.
  • Do not pick or damage anything growing.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not drink from any mountain stream.